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How to DIY lollipop to your baby with paper sticks

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Maltose invigorates the spleen, nourishes the lungs, relieves cough, and beauty. It's just that the candy is too sticky get everywhere when baby eating it. It’s much more convenient to make Maltose into a lollipop, and it’s also convenient to carry around. Here we show you the setps of how to make Maltose lollipops at home with a lollipop paper stick. (not paper stick making machine).

Ingredients: maltose, fresh pear juice, rock sugar.

Process steps:


Step 1. Things to prepare maltose, pear, rock candy, lollipop sharpener, stick.


Step 2. Press the pears out of the pear juice, take 50ml to remove the pear dregs.


Step 3. Pear juice, maltose, rock sugar, put it in a non-stick pan, and boil the sugar over low heat (during the process of boiling, the rock sugar should be broken up in advance).


Step 4. Simmer slowly on a small fire, big bubbles will appear in a few minutes, remember to stir it over during the boiling process, don't paste the pan.


Step 5. After a few minutes, the big bubbles will turn into small bubbles, and you can use a spoon to scoop the finished syrup into lollipop sharpener.


Step 6. This process should be fast, the syrup is easy to solidify.


Step 7. After cooling, demould, wrap with candy bag or plastic wrap.


1. The rock candy must be crushed, and the fire must be slowly boiled. If the fire is too high, the sugar will be bitter. 

2. We use bamboo stick this time, but it's better use paper lollipop sticks instead. Paper lollipop sticks will saftey and eco-friendly for babies when eating lollipops. And you could buy paper lollipop sticks from Amazon and Wal-Mart online store.

This article is copied from www.ecopaperstick.com.

Now, more and more plastic lollipop sticks will be replaced by paper sticks. But how to make a paper stick? If you make paper sticks at home, that's will be difficult and not good quality. It's better use a paper stick making machine for lollipop to make different size of paper lolliopo sticks. Jiechi machinery, a factory which special at paper stick making machines for many years. Jiechi's paper stick making machine could make different kinds paper sticks for cotton swabs and lollipop.


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