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Are candy paper sticks more eco-friendly than plastic stick

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In the global ban on plastics, more and more disposable plastic products will be replaced by other products, and paper products are one of the important replacement materials. Compared with plastic products that are difficult to degrade, paper products naturally degrade faster, are easy to recycle and process, and can be recycled and reused according to different uses. Paper sticks, a long cylindrical solid paper product, gradually replaced plastic sticks in many aspects and began to appear in the lives of the masses. But many people will have questions: As a paper stick produced from forest trees as raw materials, will it really be more economical and eco-friendly than plastic sticks?


Take paper straws as an example. When paper straws appear in the market to replace plastic straws, in addition to their performance, many people will ridicule that paper straws are produced by deforestation. A similar mockery of "cut down the forest to make paper but write about the protection of the forest" will appear in Douyin and Kuaishou's many paper straw-related videos. The reason for this misunderstanding is that everyone's understanding of the paper industry remained many years ago. In the past, economic development and material abundance did allow us to sacrifice the "green water and green mountains" around us. However, with domestic environmental protection supervision and industrial upgrading, the raw material acquisition of the paper industry has instead maintained the "green water and green mountains".


Papermaking is not about deforestation. Article 345 of my country’s Criminal Law stipulates that illegal logging and indiscriminate logging, illegal purchase and transportation of illegal logging, and indiscriminate logging of forest trees can be punished for three years or less (including criminal detention or control) or three years, depending on the quantity. Up to seven or more years of fixed-term imprisonment and fines; illegal logging and deforestation of trees in national nature reserves will also be severely punished. Someone is going to be arrogant again: even if it is a legal felling with complete procedures, isn't it still destroying trees? From the perspective of cost, if trees are really cut down to make paper, then they really lose money. The price of logs is very expensive for the paper industry. The wood chips used in the paper industry in my country (including most other countries) are mainly derived from forestry residues. After a tree is felled, its trunk must first be used to produce blanks for boards and special profiles. These can be used for building materials and furniture. For many purposes, such as decorations, sculptures, etc., the remaining "offcuts" are the source of the main raw material (wood chips) for pulping and papermaking, and make full use of it. Even if tree trunks are used, they are fast-growing economic forests or timber from thinning. In my country, about two-thirds of the wood pulp used in the paper industry depends on imports. Almost all wood pulp produced locally comes from wood chips, thinned timber and fast-growing economic forests. In my country, about two-thirds of the wood pulp used in the paper industry depends on imports. Almost all wood pulp produced locally comes from wood chips, thinned timber and fast-growing economic forests. After years of exploration and reference, the development of my country's fast-growing economic forest has not only increased the supply of paper products in my country, but also increased the area of large forests. Papermaking forest construction and scientific logging have also made great contributions to forest biodiversity and soil and water conservation. Because of the rotation, it is guaranteed that the mountains will always be covered with forests! In addition, in addition to wood pulp, the raw materials of the modern paper industry also include non-wood pulp made from plant fibers such as bamboo and wheat straw, and waste paper pulp made from recycled waste paper. Among the pulp consumed by my country's paper industry, waste paper pulp is the largest.

So everyone should not have doubts and negative attitudes towards new paper products, such as paper sticks and paper straws. Papermaking will not cause the deforestation and destruction of forests. Everyone's environmental awareness can be put around us to reduce the waste of paper products, increase the use of some paper products, and pay attention to the recycling of paper products. Start with the small things around you, start with the influence from the people around you, and implement your own environmental protection thoughts with concrete actions. Shantou Jiechi Machinery had developed paper straw making machine for cotton swab and candy. Their paper lollipop stick making machine could do different size paper stick according customers requirements.

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