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Luyao is located in Wenzhou, the printing and packaging industry center of Zhejiang Province, adjacent to Ningbo port and Shanghai international airport, convenient transportation.

Luyao specializes in small order production, from design, production, packaging and delivery, and the whole process will be tracked and feedback to customers. Our products include paper sticks, paper straws, packaging boxes and self-adhesive label stickers. We are committed to providing total packaging solutions for small and medium-sized manufacturers in the baking and confectionery industry. Make your packaging material with your unique brand, introduction and attractive patterns. If your product is of a special size, we will also assist in the production of exclusive packaging cartons.

We will use reliable door-to-door transportation partners to reduce customers' transportation troubles.

Please contact us and no need worry about ordering small amounts of packaging materials.



Taizhou Luyao Trading Co., Ltd

Email: info@ecopaperstick.com

Add:201, 3 Floor, East 1, Building 30, PingqiaoJianan Community,Jiaojiang Dist, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang.

24-hour service hotline:13178750900

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