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Type and choice of paper stick making machine

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At present, there are two types of paper stick machines: 

1) Oblique forming paper stick making machines;

2) Straight forming paper stick machines.

Each model has its advantages and disadvantages.

Oblique type paper stick making machine:

In the oblique forming paper stick machine, the paper stick forming and paper stick cutting mechanism are separated. The stick forming machine is responsible for producing paper sticks of a certain length. After drying, the stick cutter is used to cut off the sharp heads and cut the length on previously paper stick.


The oblique type paper stick making machine is suitable for the production of smaller diameter paper sticks, 1.5-4mm diameter paper sticks. The hardness is high and meets the requirements. At the same time, the paper stick forming and paper stick length cutting working are separated, so that paper stick forming machine can be used with several sets of rod paper stick cutter, and the production length specifications are more.

Simple and easy operation.


Not suitable for producing larger diameter paper rods. 

The machine body length is large.

Straight forming type paper stick making machine:

The paper stick forming and length cutting mechanism are together. The production of paper sticks is completed at one time and then dried.


Suitable for the production of large diameter paper sticks. The machine body occupies a smaller space ( land area smaller, but height is bigger).


1) Because of the overall structure, the out put length is fixed;

When the paper stick is formed by the rubbing wheel, there is a slight offset movement in the paper stick rubbing device. In order to reduce the deviation of the paper stick and the knife cannot touch the paper stick, the length of the rubbing stick should be larger than the final required length, and the responsible waste will increase. This creates a little more waste.

2) Compared with the oblique rubbing/forming paper stick machine, straight type machine's operation and debugging are more difficult.

3) For producing smaller diameter paper stick, the hardss of paper sticks made by straight forming type machine is smaller than oblique type paper stick making machine.

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